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ISBN-10: 0374316990
ISBN-13: 978-0374316990

40 pages · Hardcover · $17.99
Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
Available Now from
Margaret Ferguson Books, Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Ellen Prentiss felt the sea tug at her heart, strong as a full-moon tide. She loved the water so much that her papa taught her to navigate his schooner across Massachusetts Bay. Soon she was racing the fishing fleet! But she dreamed of even bigger adventures, so she married a sea captain and began navigating his ships on the trade route to China. Then Ellen's husband was given command of a fast new clipper ship, the Flying Cloud. Ellen was determined to use every bit of its speed on their maiden voyage: a race from New York City, down around the tip of Cape Horn, and up to San Francisco, where the Gold Rush was well under way. Ellen battled wild storms, broken masts, and dangerously slow winds. But she not only made it to port as the first woman to navigate that route; her daring voyage set a world record for speed, too!
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ALSA/American Library Association 2015 Notable Children’s Book!!
The Cooperative Children’s Book Center CCBC Choices 2015 Selection
2015 Amelia Bloomer Project an ALA booklist of the best feminist books for young readers
Junior Library Guild Premier Selection
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review (December 2013) - "With animated language full of the vigor of the sea itself, Fern relates the story of Ellen Prentiss Cressy...As stimulating as the sea air itself, this story will surely send the salt water coursing through the veins of its readers."
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review (November 2013) - "Fern lyrically paints a picture of the journey's ups and downs...the story evokes the daring trip in all its glory."
Teacher's Guide for DARE THE WIND:
Here are a few of my favorite links:
Want to explore more about clipper ships, the Gold Rush, or maritime history?
Ship Wiki This site includes a wonderful collection of primary sources about the construction, launch, and voyages of the Flying Cloud.
Mystic Seaport This museum website offers lots of information about the history of America's relationship to the sea.
Maritime Heritage This site includes primary source material about the Flying Cloud's arrival in San Francisco, as well as information about many other clippers, a lengthy bibliography, and helpful list of websites with a focus on California's maritime history.
Maritime History Virtual Archives A comprehensive site about everything nautical: biographies, shipmodels, shipbuilding, masting and rigging, ships, naval history, and lots more.