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Barnum's Bones by Tracey Fern
ISBN-10: 0374303053
ISBN-13: 978-0374303051
40 Pages    Hardcover    $17.99

Howard and the Mummy: Howard Carter and the Search for King Tut’s Tomb
Howard Carter was obsessed with mummies. He met his first when he was a boy in England and lived near a mansion filled with Egyptian artifacts. Howard dreamed of discovering a mummy himself - especially a royal mummy in its tomb, complete with all its treasures. When he was seventeen, he took a job with the Egyptian Exploration Fund and was sent to Egypt to learn about archaeology and excavation sites. His mummy hunt was on! Howard discovered many amazing artifacts, but he didn’t find a royal mummy. He searched for years before coming upon the most famous mummy of all, King Tut. With stunning artwork and an informative and funny text, Howard and the Mummy is a true story about the challenges of discovery and the rewards of perseverance.

*Illustrated by Boris Kulikov
Coming in August 2018!
from Farrar, Straus & Giroux
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Teachers' Resources:

The web is filled with wonderful resources tied directly and indirectly to Howard and the Mummy. Related topics of exploration include the geography of the Nile, the religion of ancient Egypt, pyramids and tombs, hieroglyphics, art and invention, and daily life in ancient Egypt, to name just a few! The resources below offer ideas for classroom activities and lessons that further extend learning to these areas:

PBS Online: Egypt’s Golden Empire http://www.pbs.org/empires/egypt/educators/index.html
These lesson plans and videos cover all facets of life in ancient Egypt and are tied to national standards in world history, social studies, geography, science, communication, arts, art history, art, religion, sociology, women’s studies, music, theatre, and engineering design. Many of these lessons can easily be tailored to younger learners.

The British Museum: Ancient Egypt http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/menu.html
The British Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian objects outside of Egypt. The site offers interesting visual aids and activities.

National Education Association http://www.nea.org/tools/lessons/studying-ancient-egypt.html
This site contains a wealth of videos, activities, information, and other resources covering many aspects of Ancient Egypt.

Education World http://www.educationworld.com/a_lesson/Activities-to-Celebrate-King-Tut-Day.shtml
A nice compilation of resources and activities to celebrate King Tut in the classroom.

Awesome King Tut Links:

There are hundreds of wonderful sites that provide interesting information about archeology and Egyptology, in general, and King Tut and Howard Carter, in particular:

The Griffith Institute: Tutankhamun: Anatomy of an Excavation
http://www.griffith.ox.ac.uk/discoveringtut/ This is the most comprehensive online resource for all things related to the discovery of King Tut. It is chockfull of fascinating primary sources: Howard’s journals and diaries, maps and plans, as well as hundreds of photographs taken by Harry Burton at the time of the tomb’s discovery. This is an incredible resource for anyone interested in Egyptology.
Ancient Egypt Online http://www.ancient-egypt-online.com/king-tut.html#illustration
This site is a nice introduction to all things Egyptology, with information on the Egyptian gods, pyramids, hieroglyphics, mummies, and more. There’s also a nice selection of information, photos, and illustrations related to Tut, his family, his tomb, and his discovery.

The British Museum http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/ As noted above, this is an excellent general introduction to ancient Egyptian life, geography, architecture, writing, and more, through short descriptions and interesting visual aids.
Mummy Maker http://oi-archive.uchicago.edu/OI/MUS/ED/mummy.html
Interactive guide to embalming and mummy-making, courtesy of University of Chicago.